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Lantana (Yellow) – Plant

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Product Description

Changes are always good for the growth. It signifies that we are alive and there are beautiful things to experience in the life time. Changes could be anything. Let’s talk about the outdoor garden. If there is an empty space or you are missing vibrant vibes then Lantana yellow plant can bring a change in your environment. Lantana can grow all year in the garden. Lantana flowers come in red, orange, white, yellow, pink or lavender. But the most attractive and demanding are the lavender yellow.

Instructions For Planting

  1. Plant Lantana in the spring. They should be planted in a rich, fast draining soil
  2. After planting lantana, water them regularly for first three weeks without any gap.
  3. Apply a 2 to 3 inch a layer of mulch around the plant which help the soil to hold moisture and reduce weeds.
  4. Make sure you fertilize annually in early spring by using a small amount of low- nitrogen fertilizer or a shovelful of compost. Excessive nitrogen reduces flowering.
  5. Late winter is the right time to prune lantana. Their woody and leggy stems must get cut to 6 to 12 inches above ground to encourage bushy growth.

Instructions For Care

  1. Lantana flowers are sun loving therefore, grow or plant them in a warm and sunny position.
  2. During growing season to not over fertilize it as it may produce excessive growth and weak stems.
  3. Throughout the entire growing season, Lantana should never dry up, therefore, water them regularly.


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