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Rose (White) – Plant

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Product Description

If you are a nature lover then you must love to do gardening. Every gardener has a love for some particular flower. Mostly, people love and adore roses in the universe. Roses are the most attractive flowers on the planet and they are available in the different colors. Each of its color means something to us – red roses signify love and affection. Similarly, white roses signify peace and prosperity. In the noisy world, it is hard to find a peace but these white roses teach us how to bloom peacefully no matter how noisy the environment around us. Mostly, people plant white roses in their garden and if you notice it gives peaceful vibes in the surroundings.

Instructions For Planting

  1. Morning or afternoon is the good time to plant roses because they need a sunlight for 6 hours each day.
  2. Must consider the temperature before planting a rose.If the winter temperature stays above 10 degrees, plant any time of the cool season. If the temperature stays above -10 degree, plant mid to late fall or early spring.
  3. Make sure the soil is good enough to grow roses. If your soil is good enough to grow grass, shrubs, and flowers, it will probably grow roses.

Instructions For Care

  1. During the growing season, it is necessary to fertilize twice. Once in the beginning of spring growth and again in mid summer.
  2. It is very important to protect the roses in the winters. Protect them with an 8-12 inch mound of soil or mulch. You can surround base of plant with the fabric or plastic.
  3. Pruning gives good looks and strength to the roses. But pruning roses should be avoided in the winters. Wait until mid to late spring, when new growth appears.
  4. Increase growth of roses by removing faded blooms and diseased stems.
  5. While cutting flowers leave two healthy five leaflet leaves on remaining stem to help the plant maintain its strength and health.


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