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Kagzi Nimboo, Kagzi Lemon Plant

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Product Description

This tree yields yellow fruits which is used in form of juice for both cleaning and culinary purposes. The juice or pulp of the fruit is also used for cooking purpose. The juice of lemon contain citric acid thus making it sour. They are grown in Assam, northern parts of Burma and China. In 19th century, British sailors issued a daily allowance of lemon to prevent scurvy. Raw limes contain 88% water, 10% carbohydrates and nearly 1% protein and fat. It is used in many ways like in cooking purpose, cleaning purpose, pickles, etc. It is also used in some sort of worship. It is used in many medicines also.

    Instruction for planting:

  • First of all moisten the potting soil.
  • Pour the soil into the pot up to one inch of the rim.
  • Take the seed and bury it into the soil.
  • Spray the soil gently with water which is above the seed.
  • Cover the pot with plastic and seal all the edges with rubber band and make small holes with any pointed object.
  • Place the pot in an area which is getting proper amount of sunlight.
  • After a duration of about two weeks cut the plastic off and provide sunlight to the plant.
    Instruction for care:

  • Keep spraying the water occasionally and don’t let the soil dry.
  • There are many insects which do not cause any harm to the plant.
  • Do not use soil mixed with chemical wetting agents.
  • Excessive use of fertilizers should be avoided.


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