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Portulaca, 9 O Clock (Pink) – Plant

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Product Description

Portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora), or sometimes known as the sun rose or moss rose is a truly beautiful low growing ground cover type plant. Portulaca flowers are easy to grow. Portulaca flowers tolerate many kinds of soil but prefer sandy, well-drained soil and love the full sunlight. The name nine o’clock flower stems from the fact that the flower opens at approximately the same time every morning. Try planting Portulaca as border edging, in rock gardens, as bedding plants or ground cover. They also look good in containers and hanging pots. You can grow Portulaca in containers to decorate your patios and decks. Portulaca has cactus-like flowers in various shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, purple and white. Plants prefer hot, dry, almost desert-like conditions. Portulacas need six to eight hours of full sun to reach their potential.

    Instructions for planting:

  • Portulaca is easy to grow.
  • Grow Portulaca plants in full sun.
  • Plants prefer average to poor soils.
  • They prefer loose, sandy or loamy soil.
  • Portulaca plants are drought and heat tolerant.
  • If growing in containers or hanging pots, allow the soil to dry between watering.
  • It is not necessary to cover the seed at all when planting. They need the sun to sprout and grow.
  • Place seeds uncovered on shallow dry soil (a few inches deep is fine) and keep at room temperature.
  • You can sprinkle them with a little water every few days, but they don’t need much.
  • The seeds should germinate within two weeks, but wait an additional month before you move them.
  • When planting the seedlings outside, make sure to space them out and cover them with minimal soil. They should be thriving in no time.
  • For about a week, water them on a daily basis.
  • After this first week, you can water them less frequently.
    Instructions for care:

  • Watering them about once a week will usually work well.
  • To prevent the plant from rotting, always allow the top of the soil to dry between watering.
  • Fertilize Portulaca every other week.
  • Pinch off wilted blooms (deadheading) to prevent the plant from self-seeding.
  • Moss roses are low-maintenance plants that thrive on neglect.


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