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Zephyranthes, Rain Lily (Yellow)

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Product Description

The Zephyranthes is the most beautiful and exotic flower. It is also known as rain lily or fairy lily. After a rain this flower bloom in a way that it gives cheerful vibes around the surroundings.This flower not only attractive for bees for the humans also. Its flower is white, pink, yellow or the other colours. Yellow colour lily is a fascinating one as it gives cheerful vibes in your outdoor. Slow to spread, this variety is ideal for small and tightly planted gardens.

Instructions For Planting

  1. Choose a location where the soil drains well and make sure they will receive full sun.
  2. Plant the bulbs 2” deep and 3”-4” apart. There might be a chance that these little bulbs can be dropped into a hole with your finger or the end of a stick.
  3. Plant them immediately as they resent being out of the ground for long periods.
  4. Water Rain lily after planting, gentle soaking the soil and settling it around the bulbs.

Instructions For Care

  1. They prefer a moist soil so water regularly in dry periods.
  2. Protect them in the harsh winters by giving them a feed and by supplying a mulch in the autumn to help protect the bulbs from harsh winters.
  3. Every two weeks from early spring until 6 weeks after flowering don’t forget to apply a high – potassium liquid fertilizer.


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