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Gazania (YellowOrange) Plant

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Product Description

If you want to have a beautiful looking annual bloom in the garden, you can plant Gazanias. Gazanias grows with pretty carve leaves. This vernacular of South Africa is a daisy like flower and is a member of aster family. These flowers rise 8 to 12 inches on short stems. These will grow on sunny days and close on cloudy days. These flowers can tolerate dry climates. Gazanias grow as a perennial in zones nine to eleven and as an annual zones three to eight. It can control erosion in dry areas. Obviously good soil gives good growth but this plant can grow in poor, sandy soil too. Old blossoms should be removed on right time so that new blossoms will produce.

    Instructions for Planting:

  1. They appear in early summer through early fall on annual wild flowers.
  2. Gazania plant does not need much, just watering but in limit. Excess of water results in poor growth.
  3. It takes droughty conditions better than moist.
  4. We can plant Gazania by putting the seeds directly into the garden or container.
  5. Once Gazania starts growing, propagate from basal cuttings.
  6. By cuttings taken from the plant, you can get more plants started.
  7. Take cutting as much as you want if you want to cover the garden.
  8. Overhead irrigation is acceptable while watering Gazania.

    Instructions for care:

  1. Extended wet weather results in poor growth and promote diseases.
  2. It is an outdoor plant that needs full sunny day.
  3. Care of Gazania is simple once they are planted and established in the garden.
  4. Sow seeds after final frost or plant them indoor for earlier four to six weeks.
  5. Cutting taken in the summer root quickly.
  6. Get the cutting started in 4 inch pots. Plant rooted cuttings in spring at 24 to 30 inches.


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