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Bird of Paradise – Plant

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Product Description

Bird of Paradise flower is one of the most attractive flower. Its scientific name is ‘Strelitzia Reginae’. Every name has a meaning therefore, there must be a reason behind bird of paradise. When this flower is in full bloom it looks like brightly colored birds in full light. It resembles a bird’s beak with the petal of the bloom flying upward as the plumage. Its leaves are bluish green with a red midrib.The petals of a bird of paradise flower are of brilliant orange set off by its intense blue arrow-shaped tongue. This exotic flower signifies excellence, success, and happiness.

Instructions For Planting

  1. If you are planning to plant a bird of paradise in outdoor, then the soil in your planting bed need to be depth of 12 inches.
  2. To enrich the soil and to promote good drainage you need 4 inches of rich compost or other organic material.
  3. You can also plant a bird of paradise in pot. You need a large clay pot with rich, loamy and potting soil. Don’t forget to mix a tablespoon of bone meal to make the soil even more productive.

Instructions For Care

  1. Birds of Paradise need a good amount of sunlight. Bright light is highly recommended to make them grow faster.
  2. Temperature is very important criteria. They need a temperature in the lower 60s during night and during day time temperature in the 70’s are ideal.
  3. The directly cold or hot air will surely damage your plant. Therefore, make sure that they are not directly affected by a heating or air conditioner vent.
  4. The quantity of water the plant needed is depends on the pot size and how dry/moist the soil is. But on average should not watered them more than 4 times per month.


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