Zephyranthes Jacala Red, Rain Lily Jacala Red


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Zephyranthes Jacala Red, Rain Lily Jacala Red

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Product Description

Zephyranthes Jacala Red, also known as fairy lily is a species of Rain Lily. Native to Peru and Columbia, the beautiful plant has become naturalized in tropical regions. Red crocus-like flowers bloom only after heavy rains. The sap of Rain Lily Plant contains potentially lethal toxins. Rain Lily is widely cultivated as an Ornamental Plant. The Plant is small in height and reaches only 15-20 cm. Zephyranthes has needle-like foliage with beautiful funnel-shaped blooms. Rain Lilys are easy to grow and requires low maintenance cost.

Instructions for Planting

  1. Rain Lily Jacala Red thrives best in organically rich, moist, acidic and well-drained soils.
  2. The Plant requires from part shade to full shade.
  3. For proper growth, you must insert the plant into the ground at the same level as it was growing in Nursery.
  4. The Plant prefers good fertility and requires good moisture.
  5. Organic fertilizers should be used to increase the fertility.

Instructions for Care

  1. The water should not trap beneath the scales as it may rot the bulb of the Plant.
  2. Protect the Plant from Slugs and Snails.
  3. The base of the Plant should be cleaned properly to protect it from any diseases and insects.


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