About Us

Delivering Greenery At Your Door Step…

LilPlants is an effort to encourage people to love and care for plants, get closer to nature and help increase the green cover to re-balance our environment.

This portal has been conceptualized by a group of plant lovers to offer end to end solution for gardening, which is both an art & science of growing and cultivating plants. It would be our constant endeavor to improve this site with active participation, help and suggestions from the experts, visitors & plant lovers.

LilPlants is run by highly experienced Agricultural Specialists, Horticulturists and Floriculture Specialists to offer continuous and comprehensive consultancy (both online and off-line) to the customers. We are into gardening and horticulture business from past 15 years and together with the support staff, we are all ready to make the world greener.

Trees & Plants are the lifelines and the green surroundings give us tranquility, happiness & inner peace. In the last few decades, progressively natural environment has been exploited and the outcome is global warming being faced today. Time has come for us to collectively put efforts, small or big, to change this trend. LilPlants is a one stop e-commerce portal for selling all types of plants, seeds and accessories online across India. All for the love of gardening, we LilPlants.com have taken an initiative to fulfill needs and desires of amateur to professional gardeners who can now do gardening hassle-free.

LilPlants.com is dedicated to improving the environment and the quality of lives of our customers by providing exceptional plants with benefits attached to each of them and to establish lifetime relationships.

Company Overview
We simply love plants and all the benefits they bring to us, our workplace, home and environment. LilPlants brings you the nursery online. No scorching heat, No insects all around, No mushy land, No muddy hands. All you find with us are fresh plants with benefits attached to it. Match your requirements to find a plant of your choice at LilPlants.com.

The wide range of natural plants and gardening accessories are all available at this one stop shop. We have the largest collection of Plants like Flowering plants, Avenue Trees, Aquatic Plants, Aromatic Plants, Cactus & Succulents, Ferns, Indoor Plants, Landscape Plants, Bamboo and many more.

Why LilPlants.com?
With the launch of LilPlants.com, we aim to get closer to gardeners whether amateur or experienced, who need not to worry about gardening anymore. Even an unknown can easily plant and enjoy fantastic yield. This is the best possible way to serve people at remote areas across the nation. A technology platform is required for plant lovers to search and identify their required plants and seeds online to buy using credit or debit card via trusted online payment gateways. We are in tie up with the most adorning IT team in India and made the platform a reality. Our mission is, in short, is to give ease of classification of plants based on size, age, color, propagation techniques along with plant care tips and advice.

LilPlants is an initiative of SellnShip Solutions Private Limited. The company is registered in India as per govt rules and regulations.
Address: B-317, Bestech Business Towers, Sector 66, Mohali, Punjab – 160062
Phone: +91 896-881-8888
Email: [email protected]

LilPlants is dedicated to all those who love and live gardening! The aim of the website is to promote greenery and provide natural plants delivery all over India.