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Sedum Confusum Plant

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Product Description

Sedum confusum is a sprawling ground cover which has its origin from Mexico. This perennial plant has thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers. Sedum is a low-maintenance plant and is very easy to grow. This beautiful flowering plant is Ornamental in nature. Confusum Sedum being an evergreen plant keeps its leaves throughout the year. It’s shiny, bright green leaves and clusters of yellow, star-like flowers are a great treat to your eyes. Sedum Confusum plant heads the list of both Fire Resistant and Drought Tolerant Plants.

    Instructions for Planting

  1. Sedum seeds should be planted in early spring in well-drained, average to rich soil.
  2. It should be planted in proper space and almost 6 inches and 2 feet apart.
  3. Although Sedum grows best in full sun but low growing and vigorous species can grow well in partial shade.
  4. Sedum can be grown from seeds, cuttings or divisions.
  5. Sedum tends to bloom in mid spring.
  6. The Plant requires proper irrigation at frequent intervals.
  7. Before Planting one must ensure that the temperature is mild and all the frost has been passed away.

    Instructions for care

  1. Once established, Sedum Plant requires from no to very less care. However, the plant should be checked regularly to make sure they are not too dry.
  2. Sedum is prone to pests such as Mealybugs, Scale insects, Slugs and Snails. Ensure proper pest control.
  3. Once the plant starts flowering, prune the plant to keep it in shape.


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