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Pleomele, Song of India (Green) Plant

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Product Description

Dracaena reflexa, which is also known by the name of pleomele(green) or song of India is a plant that belongs to the species of Dracaena that is a tropical tree natively found in areas of Madagascar, Mauritius and some parts of Indian Ocean. It is valued because of it’s rich colour, thick and irregular stems and evergreen leaves. It is mostly grown as houseplant and ornamental plant. It is a slow growing plant and can be easily grown in home. It generally tends to an oval shape with a crown open widely. The flowers that are grown on this plant are small and clustered, white and contain high fragrance and generally appear in mid winter. It generally comes in two colours that are green and golden. It is unique in terms of it’s small inch long spiraling leaves. It closely resembles Marginata when it comes to shape.

Instruction for planting:

  • These plants are propagated well through stem cutting methods.
  • They are root bounded in small pots.
  • Before watering the plant you should make sure that top 50% of the soil is dried.
  • This plant is well cultivated in high humidity.
  • Loose quick draining soil should be used for growing this plant.
  • Repotting should be done after 2-3 years.

Instructions for care:

  • Direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • 65-85 degree temperature is best suited for the growth of this plant.
  • If the leaves turns to be brown, yellow or just plain then those leaves should be removed.
  • These plants thrives better in average room conditions.
  • Plants should not be overwatered.
  • Fresh potting mixture should be always used while repotting the plant.
  • Excessive fertilizers should not be provided to the plant.


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