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Gardenia Dwarf, Ananta Dwarf – Plant

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Product Description

Ananta Dwarf comes from the family of Rubiaceae. It is widely planted in gardens in summers due its attractive green leaves and heavy fragrance. It was originated in Asia. They may be undisciplined but they look very nice. They have creamy white flowers and shiny green leaves. These are not the easiest shrubs to grow but due to its pleasing look they attain extra attention. These need at least 1 inch of rain every week. There are some uses also like these can be used as yellow dye for clothes and food.

    Instructions for Planting:

  1. Select a location with partial light.
  2. Their favorable months for growth are summer months.
  3. They grow with mornings and shade in evenings.
  4. It grows to 1.5 m high and 1m wide.
  5. They like soil that is rich in nutrients.
  6. Apply good amount of organic matter to the soil while planting.
  7. It prefers acidic soil with pH range 5.0 and 6.0.
  8. They demand high humidity to grow.

    Instructions for care:

  1. Make your Ananta Dwarf soil moist and well-drained.
  2. Avoid planting it near concrete walk otherwise it will increase the pH level results in bad growth.
  3. You need to fertilize them every 2-4 weeks during growth.
  4. Cut off the faded flowers to increase the bloom.
  5. Keep it in summer or warmer temperatures otherwise it will not grow ideally or shed its leaves.


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