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Cloves Plant

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Product Description

Belonging to Myrtaceae family, Cloves are the aromatic dried flower buds of the evergreen tree. Clove is native to India and Indonesia and has been used as a Spice. The evergreen trees grow up to some 40 feet tall. The entire Clove Plant is very fragrant and aromatic.The tree grows well in humid Tropical Climates. The Clove Plant is a slow growing but long living Plant. The Plant can exceed 100 years of age easily. Clove flower buds change from green to pinkish-red in 5-6 months and then they are picked and sun dried for further use.
The Clove plant has a very good demand in local as well as International Markets due to its health benefits.

Instructions for planting

  1. Clove requires a tropical Climate for its healthy and strong growth. It cannot withstand cold temperatures.
  2. Clove requires rich and loamy soil for its growth. The soil should be well-drained and should have sufficient quantity of organic matter.
  3. When the clove plant starts growing, apply 40-gram urea, 110-gram superphosphate, and 80-gram MOP. Potassium Sulfate could also be used in place of MOP.
  4. Watering the plant is necessary for the first 3-4 years.
  5. The plant suffers from seedling wilt, leaf rot, leaf spot and bud shedding. So proper attention should be given to plant in such circumstances.
  6. The fertilizer must be applied in equal split doses.
  7. The Clove starts flowering after 6 years of its plantation if grown in favorable Conditions.

Instructions for Care

  1. One part of Clove tree care is to put up shade plants like Banana Plant to protect the young seedlings in early years.
  2. Extreme care should be taken to keep the soil well-moistured during summer months.
  3. The plant basin should be mulched and should always be kept weed-free.
  4. Pests controls should be sprayed to save the plant from the pest attack.


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