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Lemon Grass – Plant

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Product Description

Lemon grass is a tropical herb with strong citrus flavor. It is mostly used in Asian cooking, teas and soups. It grows 3-5 feet tall and fulfills the demand of landscape. Lemon grass is grown as an outdoor plant but can be potted indoor as well in colder areas. It is rich with lemony flavor and its leaves are used to infusing soup stock and tea.

Instructions for planting:

  • Lemon grass seeds germinate within a week or two. When they are about 6 inches tall, place them into a big container or at outdoor with 2-3 inches apart
  • It requires rich and well-drained soil
  • It grows well in full sun with adequate water

Instructions for care:

  • Provide a steady supply of moisture to grow lemon grass well
  • Use premium quality potting soil for best results
  • Fertilize it occasionally with balanced fertilizers
  • It grows tall and containers can tip easily in the heavy wind. Hence; keep it in protected location


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