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Parijat, Parijatak, Harshringar – Plant

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Product Description

Parijat is also called a ‘Kalp Vriksha’ due to its heavenly fragrance prominent only during nights. The flowers of Parijat are beautiful with bright orange stem and orange center connected to a white flower. It is available in a bunch of 2-7 flowers. Parijat blossoms at night and turn to yellow in the morning. Almost all flowers are plucked directly from a plant and offered to God except Parijat. It is the only flower which can be picked from a ground and offered to God. It grows 4-13 feet long.

  • It is also used while making various face packs. It offers glowing skin and considered as a true remedy for various skin ailments
  • The orange stem of the flower is ideally used in dyeing silk or cotton cloths
  • Parijat is also used in perfume manufacturing

Instructions for planting:

    • It grows well in sandy soil
    • It requires at least 6 hours of full sunlight
    • It cannot tolerate high-salty environments

Instructions for care:

    • It requires regular watering with well-drained soil
    • Trim dead branches and flowers regularly
    • Use good quality fertilizer for outdoor Parijat once in a month


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