Amla ( Big Fruit, Grown through seeds ) – Plant


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Amla ( Big Fruit, Grown through seeds ) – Plant

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Product Description

Amla, scientifically known as Phyllanthus emblica and also known by the name of emblic, Indian gooseberry is a deciduous tree belongs to the family of Phyllanthaceae. It is an edible fruit and is used in many ways. The fruit is the richest source of vitamin C and is a good liver tonic. It is in demand from the industries because it is used in the production of many health care products like many of the face creams, shampoo, dye etc. The flowers or fruits produced are greenish yellow. The shape of the fruit is spherical and it appears to be hard. It have six vertical furrows or stripes . In Hindu mythology amla is said to be considered as sacred plant. It is said that amla is originated when drops of amrit fall on earth accidentally at the time of fight between gods and demons. It is also said that due to this reason it is used for curing some diseases and provide long life to a person who consumes it.

Instruction for planting:

  • It is propagated by shield budding.
  • Budding process is done on one year old seedlings with buds collected.
  • It is planted in the month of May -June.
  • Pits of 1m cube are digged and the distance between two pits should be 4.5×4.5.
  • Pits should be left in exposure of sunlight.
  • Each pit should be filled with the mixture of yard manure and phosphorus fertilizers.

Instruction for care:

  • Well drained soil is to be used that is rich and deep in organic matter.
  • Regular watering should be done.
  • Over watering should be avoided.
  • It can bear snowfall in mild sense and tolerates extreme heat as well.
  • Mulching should be done with lots of organic matter because it can help the substrate in retaining moisture.
  • It can be infected by rust and many other pests can also infect it.


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