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Sedum Angelina Plant

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Product Description

If you are a plant lover and want to decorate your garden with some exotic and beautiful plant then do not forget to add Sedum Angelina Plant. It is very demanding among people because of its charm and beauty. They are very cold hardy. And drought tolerant. They have various qualities which make them a winner in any garden. It has electric golden yellow foliage that holds its colour through the heat of summer. In June and July, ‘Angelina has terminal clusters of star shaped, vibrant yellow flowers. They are easy to grow.

Instructions For Planting

  1. Early spring is the best time to plant sedum seeds. Plant them in well-drained, average to rich soil.
  2. Maintain a space between plants around 6 inches and 2 feet approximately.
  3. Most sedum do well in full sun but Low – growing and vigorous species will tolerate partial shade.

Instructions For care

  1. Water sedum plants regularly and makes sure they are not too dry.
  2. Cut back the plants after flowering to maintain their shape or contain them in one area.
  3. To control their spread make sure you divide your plant in spring or fall. Throughout the summer, divisions and cutting root readily.


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