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Morus,Shahtoot, Mulberry(Small Leaves)

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Product Description

Morus is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the family of Moraceae. It is a type of deciduous tree. They are commonly known as mulberries or shahtoot. When this tree is young it grows fastly and slows down as they grow. There are three type of mulberries that are black, red and white. They are widely spread in southern Europe, middle east , northern Africa and some Indian subcontinents. Mulberries can be grown from seed. The ripened fruit is edible and is used in wines, tarts, pies, etc.The taste of red and black mulberries fruits have strongest taste. Mulberry plant serves to be a source of food for silkworms thus helps in formation of silk.

Instructions for planting:

  1. The distance between two trees should be 30-50 feet.
  2. You have to dig a hole as twice as big and deep as roots are.
  3. Remove the plant and place the root ball gently in planting hole.
  4. Fill the hole with the mixture of soil and organic matter.
  5. Water thoroughly so that the roots can settle down.
  6. Fertilizers should be avoided at the time of planting.

Instruction for care:

  1. These plants will grow well in warm and well drained soil something like deep loam.
  2. These plants are drought resistant but they should be watered in dry seasons.
  3. Minimum fertilizers are needed for these plants to grow.
  4. They are almost pest free so not a big amount of insecticides are needed.
  5. Mulch can be provided so that roots can get maximum amount of nutrients.
  6. Proper spacing should be provided between two plants as roots will grow.


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