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Vinca (Red) – Plant

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Product Description

If you have little time to tend your garden than Vinca is an excellent selection because of abundant blooms and ease of care. Two of the species, Vinca major and Vinca minor, are extensively cultivated as a flowering evergreen ornamental plant. Because the plants are low and spread quickly, they are useful in borders, flower beds, rock gardens and containers, the vinca flower provides instant color wherever it grows. These drought-tolerant bedding plants thrive in any soil type as long as it is fast draining and not overly fertile. Vinca is perfect for hot and dry areas. It’s easy to grow and requires little or no attention.

    Instructions for planting:

  • Vinca will grow in range of light conditions, from full sun to shade.
  • Fill a planting container with commercial potting soil.
  • Any container with a drainage hole in the bottom is suitable.
  • Dampen the potting soil before planting Vinca.
  • Make holes in the moist potting mixture and plant the cuttings in the holes.
  • Slide the pot into a clear plastic bag. Seal the bag securely with a rubber band.
  • Place the container in bright, indirect light.
  • Open the bag and mist inside if the potting soil becomes dry.
  • Check the cuttings for roots in about a month.
  • Remove the plastic, and plant the cuttings into individual containers.
  • Space Vinca plants 12-15 inches apart.
  • Water well, when planting.
  • Water only during extended droughts once the plants are established.

    Instructions for care:

  • No deadheading is necessary as Vincas are free-flowering and self-cleaning.
  • Vinca is drought tolerant, but if you notice the leaves start to curl, water at the base of the plant, rather than overhead.
  • Pull up any weeds growing around the Vinca and clear any debris from the ground.
  • Fertilize the plants once a month
  • Control Vinca by mowing or cutting it back once a year, to keep it free from disease and growing healthily.


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