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Syngonium podophyllum( Pink ) – Plant

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Product Description

Syngonium podophyllum is a species that belongs to aroid. It is generally cultivated as houseplant. It is mostly found in the areas of Latin America, Mexico, West Indies, Florida,Texas, Hawaii,etc. It is generally referred to as Syngonium. Syngonium(pink) are various varieties of syngonium distinguishing in respect of colors, and extend of white and cream marking. Almost every part of the plant is poisonous and create problem if eaten. It is a versatile and elegant houseplent. One of the best part about this plant is that it is rarely affected by pests. It is cheap to buy and very easy to propagate. Its leaves shape keep on changing. They were of arrow headed shape as a young plant and it changes its shape to lobes finish with age. This plant has been always attractive and easy to grow. One of the most special feature of this plant is that it purifies the air.

    Instruction for planting:

  • Propagation can be done by cutting the stem and planting it in the pot.
  • You should use half dose of a balanced fertilizers each month at the growing season of syngonium (pink).
  • This plant grows well in the soil which drains well.
  • This plant should be kept in moisture but should not be kept wet everytime.
  • You should fertilize the plant after every two weeks in spring and summer and monthly in fall and winter.
    Instruction for care:

  • They require a good amount of light but not direct sunlight.
  • Water the plant and wait till the plant get dry.
  • This plant need warmth to grow.
  • Minimum temperature should be 16°C / 61°F.
  • Clean the leaves after every 15 days so as to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Allow at least top 50% of soil to dry before watering it again.
  • Excess fertilizers should be avoided.
  • It will cause problems in mouth if ingested.


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