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Rajnigandha, Polianthes Tuberosa 10 Bulbs

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Product Description

Polianthes Tuberosa is widely known as Rajanigandha in India. It is a night blooming flowering plant reaches up to 2-3 feet. Its flowers are strongly aromatic and generally cultivated for ornamental purpose. These flowers are used to extract essential oil which is widely demanded by the perfume industry. These are also used for a medicinal purpose to cure rashes of new-borns. It likes sunny locations and blossoms in late summer. It has white, fragrant flowers on long spikes which are commonly used in garlands.

    Instructions for planting:

  • Dig 2-4 inches deep and 6-8 inches wide hole to place the plant
  • It prefers hotter regions to bloom well
  • It requires rich nutritional and well-drained soil
  • Keep the soil moist to grow it well
  • It can be grown in soil as outdoor and in container as indoor
    Instructions for care:

  • Keep soil soggy consistently before and during the period of flower
  • Use organic fertilizers or compost to make poor soil rich in nutrients
  • Use well-drained containers for the best texture of bloom


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