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Prosopis Cineraria, Shami, Sami – Plant

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Prosopis Cineraria is one of the species of pea family called fabaceae. A very nice example of this is the tree of life in bahrain- about 400 years old and growing in desert without any artificial source of water. This tree is the national tree of United Arab Emirates. It is a small tree and its height ranges between 9.8-16.4 ft.. It has small flowers and creamy yellow in colour having seeds in pods. Its leaves are bipinnate with seven to fourteen leaflets on each of one to three pinnae. This tree has religious importance and is worshipped on Dasara festival. This tree is worshipped on the tenth day of Dasara in various parts of India and on this day, the leaves of this tree are distributed among one another to forget bitterness, to respect each other and to share mutual love. In this way, it is significantly known for its spiritual uses.

    Instructions for Planting:

  1. The maximum temp shade varies about 40-46 degree C and the minimum temp from 9-16 degree C.
  2. It is found at an elevation of 600 metres from sea level in arid and semi arid, lowland and semitropical areas.
  3. It requires annual rainfall in the range 200-800 cm.
  4. Young plants are sensitive to frost, mature plants can tolerate frost down to -6 degree C.
  5. It can grow on variety of soil whereas it requires deep sandy loam soil with adequate availability of moisture in it for good growth.
  6. The soil should be watered prior to sowing of the seeds.
  7. The ideal germination temperature is around 67 degree fahrenheit. Seeds should start appearing within two weeks.
  8. Once seedling plantlets have been potted, continue to keep them in a cool environment.
  9. This plant reach full bloom in around four weeks. When the flowering ends , the cycle begins again.
    Instructions for Care:

  1. It can be kept as it is, it does not need grooming at all.
  2. Dried blooms and leaves should be removed on time when they appear.
  3. They requires light to germinate. It is advisable to not to cover the seeds with soil but gently press them into the soil.
  4. It should be taken care that baby cineraria plants can’t handle direct sunlight.
  5. It is best if it is grown in greenhouse.
  6. Feed them with a proper liquid food once a week.


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