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Juhi, Jasminum Auriculatum – Plant

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Product Description

Juhi or Jasminum Auriculatum is a fast growing and extremely fragrant plant and grows up to medium size shrub. It is dense, bushy and responds well to trimming. It grows like long vining branches but doesn’t require any support to grow as a multi-branch bush. It generates a strong roots system into the soil. It requires few hours of light to grow well. It has deep green small leaves with white satin flowers. It blooms well during summer but splashes happen during fall and winter as well. It does well in containers as well as in ground at home. Juhi grows in all situations whether it’s sunny, shade, moist, or dry. It is usually used to make garlands but in the Southern part of India, it is used to decorate hair as well.

  • It is used to make Jasmin oil which is very useful for hair
  • The root extract of Juhi plant is used to cure skin diseases as well especially for ringworms
  • It is used to make perfume and essence sticks
    Instructions for planting:

  • It is easy to grow in any weather
  • Use medium to large container to avoid repotting
  • Container should have good drainage system with multiple pores
  • Take 4-5 inches stem cutting and water overnight before planting into the container or soil
  • It can be grown through seeds as well when pods dried from existing plant
  • It requires well-drained soil
    Instructions for care:

  • Use vermi culture to improve the quality of soil
  • Avoid water logging
  • It likes warm places to grow well
  • Water regularly but avoid over watering


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