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Fluorescent Freesia

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Product Description

Freesia Flowers are one of the most fragrant flowers. Freesia flowers are “zygomorphic” which just means that they grow along one side of the stem, in a single plane. This blooming beauty captures your heart and is a springtime favorite. The flowers come in a great variety of colors. Freesia is very popularly used in the perfume, scented oils and baths and other related industries.

    Instructions for planting:

  • Plant 5 to 6 corms close in a 5 inch pot.
  • Soil should be light and should be drained well.
  • Place the top of the corm, 1 inch below the soil.
  • Plant Freesia in late summer or early fall for winter flowers.
  • Bring Freesia bulbs inside in winters and keep them in a sunny window.
    Instructions for care:

  • Freesias are propagated by offsets of bulbs and seeds.
  • Freesia plants need full sun and cool night temperatures.
  • Keep the plants well watered while the leaves and flowers are developing.
  • When the leaves begin to brown after the flowers have faded, the plants may be gradually dried off and the corms saved for the following year.


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