Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant ( Small ) – Plant


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Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant ( Small ) – Plant

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Product Description

Jade plants are easy to grow indoor plants with thick woody stem and oval shaped leaves. It has a miniature tree appearance and lives long with the height of around three feet. It is considered as a good sign of prosperity and luck. It is very easy to look after with smooth and glossy leaves. It can be trimmed and trained for a great bonsai plant. Most of the time it is found in restaurants, shops, and malls due to its ability of survival under artificial light.

    Instructions for planting:

  • It is planted in sturdy container with all-purpose soil blend
  • It can be survived in the same container for years if not overwatered
  • It requires bright light but even survive well without direct sunlight
  • It is easy to trim and can look like miniature tree
    Instructions for care:

  • It grows well at room temperature
  • It grows well with 4 hours of sunlight
  • While watering, avoid splashing on leaves
  • While repotting, let the soil dry first and then move


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