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Citronella, Odomas – Plant

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Product Description

Citronella or Odomas plant is well-known for its citrusy scent and mosquito repellent properties. It contains a common ingredient called citronella which is used as an insect repellent. It acts as a repellent when leaves are crushed and applied on the skin. Its smell helps to repel mosquitoes. It comes under foliage species and grows up to 2-3 feet high. Citronella or Odomas plant’s lacy shape leaves and fragrance makes it perfect for decorative flower arrangements. It produces beautiful pinkish blooms in summer.

    Instructions for planting:

  • Spring is the ideal time to plant it
  • Place it when the soil is warm
  • Moderately rich, moist soil that drains well is ideal for planting Citronella, Odomas but it can grow in other soils as well
  • It requires enough light
    Instructions for care:

  • It requires pruning to grow well and healthy
  • It requires adequate water as once in a day
  • Occasional fertilizers will help it to grow well


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