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Bryophyllum, Panfuti – Plant

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Product Description

Bryophyllum pinnatum or panfuti is also known by the names of cathedral bells, air plant or miracle leaf. This plant is native to Madagascar. It belongs to the family of Crassulaceae. It is a succelent herb which is perennial and grows generally to a height of 1-2m. The plant generally grows in the area of warm tropical or subtropical areas. Stems of this plant are generally thick short and flexible and flowers grown are pink in color. A cymose panicle is formed by this plant. This is a kind of branch aromatic herb. It is generally grown for ornamental purposes. This plant can be used for generation of electricity because it is a very good conductor of electricity. It is used widely in medicines and can be used for curing the disease from fever to cancer.

Instruction for planting:

  • Propagation of panfuti is done by the leaves.
  • You can take the leaves which are dropped from the plant.
  • Take a pot and fill the pot with soil which is good for the growth of the plants.
  • Put that leaf in the pot and put it in the place where it get proper amount of sunlight.

Instruction for care:

  • Excessive fertilizers should not be used.
  • Mulch can be collected and accumulated near the plant for proper growth and for providing better nutrients to the plant.
  • Watering should be done regularly but it should be taken care of that 2 inches soil should be dried before watering.
  • Proper amount of sunlight should be provided to the plant.


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