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Aptenia, Heartleaf Ice Plant

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Product Description

Aptenia Cordifolia is called as Heartleaf Ice plant which is a species of succulent in the family of ice plant. It is also known as the baby sun rose due to its red flowers and bright green leaves. Its leaves are fleshy and heart to oval shaped. Its flowers are available in various colors from bright pink, yellow, white to purple that opens only into the sunlight. It is mostly used as an ornamental plant. Aptenia Cordifolia is an evergreen, fast-growing plant that creates a perennial structure of mat and ideal for rock gardens and landscapes. It looks charming when makes an excellent ground cover. It is also an excellent choice as a hanging basket plant.

    Instructions for planting:

  • It needs full sun to light shade
  • If the plant is growing in a pot then take at least 8-10 inches deep pot
  • Water it when soil becomes completely dry
  • It requires well-drained soil

    Instructions for care:

  • Pruning is essential throughout the growing season
  • Put it in direct sunlight
  • Pore water when soil will dry


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