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It is rightly said that a house’s extravagance resides in its garden. But what if we live in a small apartment which only has rooms and no space for outdoor gardens- with skyscrapers budding everywhere it has become hard to keep in touch with nature. We work in extremely closed cabinets and relax in punky little chambers. 

Can we do something different to make our surroundings and our workplaces more alive and welcoming?

The answer is, YES!

As Anna Getty says, “I like to encourage people interested in gardening or planting to begin with a simple herb garden. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can have some herb pots.”

This is because when you have plants around, they become your joy. Even if you don’t consciously notice, your mind does. It makes you calm and puts you at ease.

Whether there’s a lack of space or time, once you initiate the practice, you’ll realise how rewarding it is. We have a solution to the aforesaid constraints.

Invest in houseplants.

Here’s why:



It was only in 1973 that 107 VOCs (volatile organic substances) were identified by the scientists at NASA*. Our houses and workplaces are closed and stocked with all types of hi-tech home appliances. We furnish our homes with synthetic materials like paints, grocery bags, ink, books, rugs and many more. They emit harmful gases which are disease-causing and affect not just our respiration but our skin too.

In an experiment by NASA, it was observed that people who lived in closed spaces experienced a burning sensation in the eyes, nausea, and frequent headaches. All of these were later recognised as symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.



healthy living



The remedy to this is not really to abandon all the energy-efficient appliances and move away from the convenience they provide to us. The solution lies in creating personal spaces which restore the natural environment around us.

Such an environment can only be created by planting indoors.







healthy living


Adding more to the above-mentioned idea,  plants decrease the level of toxins in the air. They do this by releasing water vapours in the air which create a pumping action and pull the toxins down to the roots. These toxic gases are used by them and they release oxygen in the air. 

While buying plants it’s important to learn which plants varieties remove maximum toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.





When you breathe in clean air, it improves your breathing. Subsequently, you will have more sound sleep and experience less sick building syndrome. 

Low levels of harmful bacteria and gases keep flu and cold away.

Now that we know that they release water vapours in the air, it becomes easier to understand how they help in maintaining the moisture levels and humidity at homes. Air conditioners make the air dry as a result of which our skin also loses moisture. Plants use toxins by pulling down the dry air and create a congenial environment for healthy living.




healthy living


Many studies have shown that attentiveness increases up to fifteen per cent when working in spaces with plants in it. Memory retention in students and workers rises to twenty per cent. The colourful green hues betow ataraxia or tranquillity of mind. The presence of plants creates a welcoming environment. It has been noted that green surroundings significantly reduce anxiety and blood pressure. Also, gardening, taking care of plants, watching them grow and bloom is a highly rewarding experience. It alleviates loneliness and depression.






All gardening is landscape painting. – William Kent

Whether you live in a big apartment or small, you always have space to make a little addition to your house. It’s all about the vision. There are many houseplants which can be grown in small containers and pots, and in case you don’t have enough space, you can hang them. They are just like living artefacts, except that they look better in photos than paintings and candles in both day and night settings. (wink)



indoor plants


Inclusion of plants with varied and striking textures and colours not only add buoyancy to your decor but also promote healthy living.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home some robust plants or sow seeds to see them flourish into your mini personal sanctum.


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